Loving Yourself is the Greatest Revolution.

The Formalities//

Graduated Lakeside School of Massage Therapy-Madison, WI 2007

NCBTMB #534420-07

Wisconsin State License # 4171-146

AMTA Professional Memeber

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Owner-Zensations Spa llc


Hey there! I'm Hannah, that's me in that photo up there. However you landed here, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I've lived in the Midwest nearly all my life- except for that one great big adventure where my family and I lived in Alaska. But now, I'm back "home," and while I cherish being near my family, you better believe I get away from tiny old central Wisconsin any chance I get. I’m basically always wearing black. In the pursuit of self discovery. Travel and live music are my love languages. Nature is my sanctuary. I’ll take mountains over beaches. Cooking chicken is my least developed adult skill. Multi-passionate entrepeneur. Information hoarder. Serial book starter...

>>I’m a dreamer and an idealist (INFP) and I make it my fierce mission to help others  feel their worth, up their self respect, and live their fullest and best lives. While I'm not perfect, I have found for sure-healthy living & a healthy self is a balance of self love, self respect, & self discipline. 

>>> If you're also in the pursuit of self discovery and looking for ways to incorporate all of the above "self practices" into your life, I'd love to work with you. I find it easy to understand where a person is coming from, how they're feeling, and the context of their lives. Even better? I am inspired by the future and what could be. I find deep satisfaction and am energized in finding solutions. I aim to form close, caring, and trusting relationships in which we collaboratively rekindle vitality. My mission is to bring courage and creativity to problematic situations.

Bottom line>>I want to help you live your best life! I'd say out of all the things you could do for your mind and body, massage sounds like a pretty good place to start doesn't it? 



Photographs of me by the fantastic Chloe Ann.