The New Site, & Also Taking Imperfect Action

Oh my oh my, the new site is here! 
Thanks to you all for your great patience as I let the old site go in the end there.... I’ve been wanting to update for quite a while now. I’ve been “developing” this site for months. Well, I finally realized that “imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time.” I am such a perfectionist by nature, and when things aren’t “perfect” to me, I’m basically a slug guys. I sit and mull, and sit and think, and sit and deliberate, and sit and sit and sit. Nothing gets done this way. So you could say I’ve been working on that. Just getting stuff done. Still getting quality “stuff” done, but completing things even if they don’t seem perfect. And honestly isn’t perfect just an illusion anyway? It is. That’s what we’re going with. Guys, I think maybe this is something everyone struggles a bit with? For instance, when I was reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert ( I will refer to this book often-heads up) she talks about how she could go through all of her books and “tell you everything that’s wrong with them.”(p.178) Now I (clearly) happen to love her work and can’t pick out anything I would change. Maybe others can, maybe they can’t. She goes on to give an example of her one of her works telling how she thought it could have been better. Then, comparing this particular novel to tearing down a finished structure such as a house, she discusses how she could have indeed went back and reworked almost the entire thing. Things might have turned out more perfectly such as  “the foundation might be straighter, but the charm of the original structure might have been destroyed while months of time had been wasted.”(p.179) After coming to this conclusion she decided to run with what she had. She goes on to ask “And do you know what happened when I released my admittedly imperfect book into the world? Not much. The earth stayed on its axis. Rivers did not run backward. Birds did not drop dead out of the air.” (p.180) All this to say, I have a new site. it’s probably not perfect. But I like it much better than my old one, and it is quality and absolutely good enough for now. Improvements and changes can always be made. And if I’m honest I would have to say no one will probably notice what I would do differently anyway. If they can, good for them I suppose. It’s here, and it’s lovely and it works. Who knew we were going to such depths simply for me to announce the arrival of the new site?! That brings me to my next point all, expect more here. There will be more updates, there will be more discussion, there will be more exploration. I am a massage therapist and that is ultimately what I bring to you. But this little online space is a place for us to go a little further, grow a little more. Massage is a large part of wellness, but there are so many other pieces as well. Things like not being a perfectionist dang it-that’s “well”! 

So take a look around. However you landed here, welcome!

Online booking is available again through the Booking page. If you ever have questions or can’t find and appointment, don’t hesitate to call. Keep in mind I am a one woman operation-I don’t have a receptionist. I will get back to you as soon as I am able. I also work another location, and I do on location massages as well. I am not in the office all day each day. I will however do my very best to get back to you and to get you in the schedule. I promise that. 

One other thing I wanted to discuss: There have been some updates in pricing. I structured the pricing so that you are investing in the treatment most beneficial to you and the most quality work from me. This just means, I tend to work pretty intuitively and therapeutically,weaving those practices into a relaxing experience. I always use the most appropriate treatment and technique for your individual needs. I know that I am giving my all each and every session, no matter what they are labeled. I use a blend of techniques and pressure & all my experience and knowledge each session. All therapists are different and will charge differently. I appreciate the understanding and hope you know I intend to keep putting my all into each and every treatment for every individual I serve, every single time. 

I will be adding some package pricing and wellness plans soon. If you would like info on package investments before I post “official info,” please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Again, thank you for hanging in there with me as this new space was in the making, and thank you for hanging in here for this lengthy update of a post. I’m so thrilled it’s here, and I’m so thrilled you’ve visited. I’ll be here again soon.

Truly wishing you peace & love & wellness-


(Now ps. Here’s a picture of my niece with an ice cream cone, because they are two of the only things that I can think of that are actually perfect ;-) 

Hannah Heckman